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TOC Vertical Record Player

​​‘TOC’ was created with two main aspects in mind: easy use with a clean and simple design. 

It works with a linear tracking system to capture the good old analog sound.


This record player allows easy operation via 

remote control or LED touch buttons, it is able to play different sizes of vinyl records and fits into any home interior...


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Orange Juicer


As part of my industrial desgin class, I was asked to desgin and build an orange juicer.


I designed the parts using Solidworks. I printed them using a 3d printer, assembled all parts and did paint finishes.


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An headphones for gamers.

Designed in solidworks and was built as model from 3d printed parts.



Concept design for tea brew.

A spoon shaped handle that holds capsule which contains herbs in a flavor chosen from various offered flavors.


The idea is to make the brew process to an easy, quick and fun action.

After using the InstanTea you can either throw the capsule away or place the handle together with the capsule on the intended stand for reuse.

The liquids from the capsule draining into a removable base.



A Life Vest 


Life vset designed in my third year of industrial design studies.


Participated in a competition of

(foundation for boating safety and clean water)


I chose to combine the two elements - boat safety and clean water by designing a life vset which is made of floating waste that is thrown into the oceans.


Detachable 360


LED desk lamp made of ABS plastic and pine wood.

360 degrees rotating Base.

LED strip located inside wodden arm.

By sliding the arm along a rail,the light turn on and off. 


Click here for another version of Detachable

Gardening tools

A set of garden tools.

Inspired by water drops, I designed five Gardening tools.

Hand rake, weeds cutter, sower\knife, potting scope and an hoe.

Versatile bench

A 10 Foot bench that lets the user change its shape in three ways.

Straight, zigzag and arc shape can be made by changing each segment angle.

Camera Lens bag

A bag made out of single cable and zip ties

Hand made Flip flops

Inspired by asian calture.

I designed flip flops with snake pattern leather,

Sharp edges and dragon.



Stick light

A walking cane with built in litght and telescopic pole for adjustment the height.

Argonomic handle with power botton.

Powered by two  AA battery


This project designed during my second 

year studies.

Give away project

An assignment on my first year of industrial design studies.


A handle which can lock and carry four 1.5 L Coca-Cola's bottles.

The shape and colors were designed to match Coca-Cola logo.



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